Life Coaching

"I felt a sense of peace and safety as I shared my personal journey with Vittoria and her suggestions, advice and feedback were spot on and always without judgment and criticism.  She embraced me and helped me to be a better person inside and out.  I am blessed and grateful to have connected to Vittoria in this way. ~ Danielle

I offer coaching in a series of sessions, or as individual sessions. I love to work with individuals, as well as with groups, as my experience shows there is great healing in groups. We also connect to one another more deeply. We all want that! 

Most people I talk to when coaching mention at some point or other how alone they feel!  Everyone feels alone until we become aware of our constant connection to source, and that awareness is happening to so many people at this time. It does not matter what age, it's affecting the younger generation, the older generation and everyone in between. The desire and need we have to connect with that bigger part of ourselves is becoming stronger and stronger every day. 

I love to get things done and create progress (after all, that is why clients come to see me) so my coaching sessions can create quite a bit of shift. Having said that, I also believe it's so important to honor all of you and all the parts of yourself, even the ones you want to change. So I believe and encourage my clients to allow the changes to happen naturally. Most of the time we force things as we want them to happen faster! Often that backfires and it can take longer to create change.

I do feel that "uncovering" (and releasing) suppressed emotions and feelings that create disease is not that hard once you know where to look, and to be clear (an image of an arrow comes to me, vs a cloud!), and being kind to ourselves is invaluable in this process. Let me repeat this: Being Kind to Ourselves IS INVALUABLE in the healing process. Yes? Got that? OK, I admit that I have to remind myself about that, we all do. 

Typically, people I work with have some issue or other (disease, pain, intense emotional turmoil) and they are highly motivated. Hence, release and surrender happen pretty quickly.  That is the best change, the one that happens effortlessly. It's not about "making a plan" and/or coming up with to do lists, things to accomplish, to check off. That is our brain talking, wanting to figure things out, trying to prevent change by keeping us permanently busy.  I love to help my clients by exposing their self-limiting beliefs, their unconscious patterns, and help them to shift. Then they can relax into their truly beautiful and loving nature.

After an initial session and a general assessment, I can make a recommendation as to what would benefit a client the most, depending how much stress someone is experiencing, how much time someone has to apply some of the tools I introduce, and the intensity of the situation or issue.  My goal is to empower you as fast as possible so you can go off and have a great life!

I do believe in continual support for most people, and my rates include a recorded meditation, homework, session recap, suggestions for how to continue on your journey, and a quick email to answer any questions that may come up, etc. A lot happens AFTER a session, and I find it very helpful to support you at that time.



I use various modalities, including ETF (tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques), which I like to say is like a laser light and a small vacuum all rolled into one. Tapping targets & clears issues, past programming, limiting beliefs and "blocks" at a much faster rate than just talking about it, and making all sorts of plans to "eliminate" them. EFT helps de-energize issues and past trauma which are behind every thought and decision we make on a daily basis. Often those are our hurdles, the resistance that prevents us moving forward in life and making consistent change. 

I like to end each session with an energy medicine treatment. This means I will ask you to find a place to lie down for a few minutes while I work on you from a distance. It works just as well as if we were in the room together, and if nothing else, you will feel very relaxed and grounded at the end!  I find this part to be the "savasana" of each session. For the non-yogis out there that are not familiar with savasana, this is the last pose where bodies lie down and rest!  We allow integration to happen as we relax.
It is a very powerful time, where we release, absorb new energies, rebalance the system and recharge the body. Each session is different, and tailored to each individual. There is no protocol, no structure that I follow, because everyone is different.  

If you live locally, I recommend you join us at OmBase, our yoga studio, or find a place to practice yoga, movement, dance, or some kind of exercise or healing modality that you love. It not only enhances the healing and whatever shift or transformation you are going through, it also is a great way to feel supported by the community.  
One of the biggest challenges to changing our patterns and belief systems (hence making positive, life affirming shifts) is the lack of support. Most people do not feel supported enough to implement those changes. The community can help tremendously in helping one relax into a supported place where you can allow transformation to take place. 

Please see the Contact page to email me if needed, or to book a session. 

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
— Rumi