This is a class in which we can delve more deeply into the awareness of what surrender and forgiveness really mean, and how the absence of each impacts our lives.  We're going to look at our patterns not to try to "fix us", but to allow space (openness) in our belief system, so compassion (self -compassion!), love (self-love!) can help shift our way of behaving and thinking.  

My intention is to do a little yoga, EFT, and discussion.

It's easy to change once we know how (and we feel safe doing it) and even though it can be a long process sometimes, it does not have to be.  Come open to stretch and move a little, bring your mat, and dress comfortably. We will be on the floor the whole time. Bring paper and pen if you wish.

All welcome! Bring your friends. 

(You can use your class package, or pay a $16 drop in fee).