In this class we'll explore what it means to allow and open to receive. Allow as in trust that good things are coming, receive as in opening to receive and expecting the very best (expecting as in being open to receiving, not "having expectations).

Our lives are full of control and structure, and we make small and big decisions from our head alone. The head can only process so much at one time, while when we tap into our wisdom, our intuition, our SOURCE, we are able to process, like, a billion times more information. 

But no one tells us how to trust, how to be more intuitive, how to make those small and large decisions from our gut instinct. Most people are indoctrinated into using their heads only (hence staying small...tiny really!) and disregard our heart, our feelings, our gut instinct.

Here's a class and some time devoted to just that. Opening up to our intuition, our emotions, and our feelings. And trusting that all is well. 

My intention is to practice about one hour of yoga in maybe two separate parts, and to use yoga as a tool "to move the energy", so gentle poses, using our breath etc.  Also, I love to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in all my classes, so if you can, check out Fri night class (on 4/10/15 @ 6 pm) before coming today (but if you miss, it's OK).

This class is $32, and if you are a student at OmBase already, it counts as two of your classes in your package.

Come, it'll be fun, and bring your friends!