This class will address the stress and overwhelm most of us feel at one time or another. EFT is a great tool to use to allow the feelings of stress to surface, be acknowledged and be released. Check out the Intro to Emotional Freedom Techniques here.

Whether you are feeling a little bit stressed or a lot, and whether the feelings of overwhelm are mild or so intense that your day to day life suffers, this class is appropriate for you.
We'll cover EFT basics, how it works and how to practice it successfully, as well as go over some other useful tools we can all use to deal with stress.
Personally I am well aware at how stress can completely change your life where you cannot even cope with the simplest things, so I have loads of experience to present and share with you. It can be very different! I believe none of us have to suffer from debilitating stress & overwhelm which seems to erode at the very fiber of our lives. 
Come and join me and I know you'll take something away that will help you make that shift!

Bring pen and paper if you wish. Some handouts provided. This class is not suitable for children/young adults. 

This class will take place at our yoga studio OmBase. Go here to pre-register.  Cost is $20