Since we all feel this in one way or another, I expect this class to fill up! But typically we are not aware of this dis-ease!  
On some level most of us feel we have to prove ourselves (to ourselves, or others, or society in general) which brings us to a constant and usually exhausting path of trying, and working hard. It truly feels like it is never enough, no matter how hard we work, how much we do. Getting off that wheel is possible, and the tools presented in this class are practical, do-it-yourself kind of tools, as well as tools you can do with a partner, friend, or other support system.
The class is spontaneous, led by the participants as much as myself as guide. It's much easier to change patterns in a group! Practically effortless!

Space is limited to 8-10 participants. Please pre-register! Class takes place in my home office in SW Pdx. Address given upon registration.

Healing from Not Enough-ness
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