What is intuition and how can you distinguish it from "the voice in your head"?  In this introduction class we will clarify what intuition is and what it is not, how to feel the difference, how we can use and when it's most appropriate to do so, why the thinking mind can be a negative influence in our lives and much more.
I'l also share a little about my experience with it and how it has changed my life for the better. 

This class, as most of my classes are, is a spontaneous event that will be dictated by you, the participants and not just by what you want to learn, but by what your being is calling forth to grow. 
There will be discussion, Q&A, sharing, and lots of laughter and fun! Please come! This class is at OmBase.

Cost: $20 Please pre-register for this class!

I will be teaching a series of Intuition classes starting in Sept at my home office on Tue pm. See the events page to find out more and to register.