I am excited to be offering another EFT class in March at OmBase!

This class is for beginners and students who have already practiced EFT for a while. If you are new to EFT, it's recommended that you watch a video of it (this link is good http://www.thetappingsolution.com) so that you are familiar with it.  

There will be a brief intro and handouts with tapping points, and we'll right into tapping. That is the best part!

We'll focus on what the main themes are for you, which typically are stress, overwhelm, lack of energy, etc. More classes will be offered in a series format. Please check the EVENTS page for upcoming classes.

Everyone welcome, but please no one under 18 invited. Subject matters can be intense, and EFT needs to be age-appropriate to be effective.

Cost: $20. Please click here and it will take you to our studio's site where you can sign up and pay.