EFT is a powerful energy medicine modality that is now used all over the world for healing. It's so easy anyone can do it, anywhere, anytime....like...breathing? It's been called a combination of acupressure and psychology...I like to think of tapping as a laser beam (that zeros in on the issues) with a tiny vacuum on the tip (that sucks up all our issues).  EFT offers fast release from many everyday issues such as stress, insomnia, PTSD, physical pains, and chronic diseases. The results of using tapping to bring our bodies back into balance are incredibly effective to say the least.

Personally, I have been practicing tapping pretty regularly for about one and half years, and I initially followed (tapped) along, watching videos like this one on Brad Yates' channel. He has hundreds of free tapping videos that are perfect for beginners, for everything from letting go of fears, anxiety, allowing prosperity to fill our lives, and so much more. Brad explains about tapping and how it works here on this audio recording on Marie Manuchehri's radio show. It's an easy way to find out more about this fascinating modality.

Also I would recommend Nick Ortner's The Tapping Solution. Nick has been instrumental in bringing the tapping/EFT practitioners together in the past few years, and has strengthened everyone's work immensely (as always, there is more power in groups and people coming together).  He also has a great book out that covers the basics. His site is the most visited EFT tapping website.

I teach EFT Intro classes at OmBase every month now (fall 2015) so check the EVENTS page for upcoming dates. It's a free class that I offer to everyone.It's very powerful to tap together in a group. To tap on an issue that may not necessarily be your issue, you can still receive benefits, from what it's called "borrowing benefits", a tapping technique that allows anyone present to reap release and a "neutralizing" of issues, pain or anything else that might be going on for you. Tapping together can help release past trauma or pain regardless on what we are specifically tapping on. I have personally experienced that myself!

I have been able and still continue to experience release and relaxation on a variety of issues. At first  I felt like I had experienced a "soul retrieval", where I was able to "call back to present time" parts of my energy that were stuck in the past, frozen in emotionally charged events. It's really quite a miraculous modality! 
The experience I just mentioned empowered me to have much more energy available immediately after the session, as there were "pieces of myself" left in my past that I could not access. I feel that this is the case with most people today as most of us have issues, limiting beliefs, and emotional pain that we have not dealt with.

It does require focus and commitment. It requires daily tapping for most people, or at least several times a week, but compared to other modalities such a therapy and even physical issues that most would require a doctor's help for, EFT is a piece of cake. Something you can do in your own home, anytime. Give it a try!