The desire to connect to my soul and to FEEL that connection on a daily, hourly basis is such a big part of my life, and the foundation for everything I do now. I think that finally after 55 years of life on earth, I realized that I yearn for that so deeply. I think we all do, and if we don't fulfill our purpose, by the time we are 40 or 50 years young, we go on medication! Our bodies literally get sick from the disconnect! 

I say that because I felt that in my own life, and I see that around me every day. I felt like I was supposed to have an amazing life, which by the time I was 40 I had not quite experienced yet.  I had some of the physical "things" that I could count on (house, relationship, pretty fulfilling work, etc).... but I was experiencing my busy mind, with all its ploys and subterfuges. The mind that wants so much, the mind that asks so much and gives nothing in return. That selfish mind that thinks only of itself, of its desires and needs, and it's so tiny that the more we please it, the tinier it gets! Agh! Have you felt that in your life? 

That mind that makes people go shopping excessively, or eat more than they need to, or use drugs, sex, or any other substance in excess to quench that inside thirst. It's relentless, and we are going to be seeing more of that in the future, as we are all ready and want to CONNECT. The connection is an inside job, and once that happens, it reveals the glorious connection with all that is, with other people, with everyone around us!

What to do when we feel crazy and disconnected from ourselves? What to do when we feel so unfulfilled? What do to when our lives seem to be going in the opposite direction of where we really want to go? It seems impossible to shift, doesn't it? For me it felt like I had to physically stop a freight train going 100 miles an hour with my bare hands. I did not feel AT ALL that I was up for the task at hand. But I also knew that it was the only way I could turn my life around (I had tried everything else!) 

Guess what? The universe comes to the rescue. The wisdom of your soul runs over as soon as you turn towards it. The train all of a sudden becomes easy to stop. It's true, and you can do it too. We all can do it. We are all meant to connect with our soul right now!  We are meant to connect and stay connected, not just when we do yoga, or are out in nature, but more and more of the time, like when the children are screaming, or the dog gets sick, or even when we lose a job, or lose a family member. We can ALWAYS feel the connection.

When we are connected to our inner wisdom, the mind is peaceful, relaxed. You feel expansive and loving, towards yourself and others. You are joyful, you feel compassion for everyone, but feel no need to fix or change anybody. You are aware of your answers instead of having lots of questions in your head. All the solutions come easily, and you have more energy available to do all the things you have wanted to do. Your desires change, for example from wanting comfort food to eating nutritious foods for your body. Energetically speaking, your whole being gears towards balance, and you attract situations and people that help you create that. It's easier than it seems.