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vittoria palazzi

Color • Feel • Mood • Inspiration • Peace • Deep • Passion • Love

My dad inspired me with his love for photography and home movies. He was able to capture our childhood via photos and moving pictures, which of course are very dear to me.

Growing up on Lake Como in Italy, there was no lack of photo opportunities! He enlisted my help often when shooting home movies. I majored in photography in college, where we learned to print black and white photographs and be accurate with the light when photographing slides (very unforgiving). You could not see the results until so much later. A lot of film was wasted!

After a stint for 10+ years as a photographer in Los Angeles, I discovered yoga and photography was abandoned for a while. Several more years passed before I decided to delve into the digital world.

My phone and my camera are a great expression for me now, a way for me to see, capture, share with others what I see, what I love, what I appreciate about life on this amazing planet.

My photographs of flowers capture color, light, mood & magic in the parts of life we would never otherwise see. The macro lens indeed captures tiny pieces of the world. Conversely, I love vast, open spaces, forests, mountains, sky..... and I love to feel that connection with nature.

The love for horses was stifled for years, and appeased by a life with many pets....until it could no longer be ignored. After reading and learning about mustangs and their plight in the US currently, I became more and more interested...andI fell in love with mustangs and their need for freedom. It evokes so much in me and in many others, this desire to express oneself fully and be free from constrains. It was many years later,  in 2017, that I adopted my first two mustangs. Horses are herd animals, and it's good to have a little herd at least :) so I had to adopt two more.... for now. ;)

After many years of yoga, meditation, coaching, energy medicine practice and a myriad of other passions and self-expressions related to the mind/body/spirit connection, I am using photography for me mostly. It fills me, it brings me joy, it helps me go inside to find the deeper meaning of things. I feel we live so much on the surface and most of us don't dare go in. It's so much easier to be "out" (but can be much calmer inside).

Photography can move people deeply to that "no mind" state and can help us to focus inside. It does that for me. I hope you can find joy, peace, and inspiration in my photographs too. Much love and blessings to you!

For more on what I do and my mustangs, check this site